Make your enterprise a place of personal and professional fulfilment!

Long days at work, stress, fatigue, family life, etc. are many reasons that prevent a company’s employees from exercising on a regular basis. However, it is well documented that regular sport activity improves health, as well as physical and mental well-being.

Are you a manager who is looking for an easy, effective method to instil enthusiasm in your employees? Or do you simply care about their health? OneCoach4U can help you to create in your work environment fitness coaching sessions fitted to your needs.

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Your advantages

Sports coaching with OneCoach4U in the office?

Flexibility, Innovation and Pricing

OneCoach4U places at your disposal personal trainers on your premises during the time slots that suit you best. We offer one hour sessions for groups of 10 people at an attractive hourly fee.

Always striving for continued innovation in sports coaching, OneCoach4U offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports exercises for groups of different levels.


  • you and your employees save time because you do not have to go anywhere;
  • our coaches supply their own equipment, so you do not have to worry about the purchase of sports equipment;
  • thanks to the diversity of our sports coaching sessions, you will never get bored during them;
  • because of the attractive price per person/per session we can reach a wide audience within your company.

Your employees’ health, your company’s health

As the day progresses, your employees’ performance decreases significantly. Hence the interest in creating a break from their daily activities, without needing to leave the workplace.

By proposing sports coaching sessions with a positive attitude, OneCoach4U allows your employees to feel better both physically and psychologically.

    • increases your employees’ well-being and thus their efficiency and productivity,
    • reduces your employees’ absenteeism,
    • reduces stress and burnout at work.


Effect of group cohesion

It is well known that business communications are not always expedient, whether the communication is between other employees, between employees and their superiors or between different managers themselves. This difficulty to communicate is partly due to the lack of time available to invest in the understanding of the other person’s role.

Uniform sports skills established into training groups by OneCoach4U, removes these barriers, placing everyone on an equal footing!



  • promotes communication between you and your employees;
  • increases employee loyalty to your business, they remain in your employ;
  • helps to create a sense of unity within your company;
  • facilitates employees’ integration in your company;
  • your business becomes a privileged spot of well-being and of personal and collective fulfilment.

What we propose

  • Indoor sessions such as Pilates, stretching and functional training
  • Outdoor activities such as CrossFit, running, speed walking and cycling
  • Training for sports events (marathon, volleyball, cycling, etc.)
  • Coaching personalized email on demand: weekly plan emailed, advice on basic lifestyle and diet, etc.
  • Wellness activities such as meditation sessions, Reiki and creativity workshops
  • Workshops pertaining to nutrition
  • Team building, a morale booster for your company! OneCoach4U organizes for your enterprise a personalized team building activity that combines challenge, communication, cooperation and relaxation. Our diverse activities – bootcamp, CrossFit, multisport, orienteering, mountain biking, massage, Reiki creativity workshops – will lead to the success of your goal!
  • Coaching for fun (birthdays, parties, special events, etc.)

We adapt our trainings to your needs and budget!

They rely on us