Weight Control

Are you an athlete? Do you need to lose weight for medical reasons or, on the other hand, do you want to gain weight? Maybe you are more focused on your appearance? You need to monitor your weight regularly to achieve your goal!

There is an ideal weight, but you need to remember that you have your own weight and that it differs according to various parameters that are specific to you, namely your genetics, your weight history, your gender, your physical activity, your age, your diet, your sleep, etc. That is why there are several weight control methods. According to your specifications, choose the control formula that best suits you among those proposed.

However, if everyone can easily achieve weight control, losing or gaining weight requires essential nutritional knowledge as well as guidance and specific advice about the physical activity to practice. As we each are different in the way we lose or gain weight, we recommend that you contact us to take stock of your “health” situation and to establish an appropriate program.


Deurenberg formula

Broca formula

Lorentz formula


Skinfold test

Impedance meters

Waist size