Personal Training

Do you have specific goals? Are you required to practice sports due to a particular health problem? Would you like to compete in a sports event?

Give yourself the benefit to reach your goals with a OneCoach4U Personal Trainer!

OneCoach4U places at your disposal:

  • Qualified professionals with the knowledge and experience to ensure the realization of your goals with maximum efficiency
  • They will use their know-how to establish personalized training programs to encourage your efforts
  • They will recommend the best training techniques
  • They will supervise your movements
  • They will advise you on nutrition and health

Our priority is to ensure the achievement of your goals, to respect your physical condition and your mental well-being



Your Personal Trainer motivates you by:

  • Preparing unusual and fun sessions
  • Allowing you to rediscover sports in a different way with their new techniques
  • Simplify your life by preparing your training programs
  • A relationship based on trust is established between you and your Personal Trainer who becomes your “Essential friend to success


Because your Personal Trainer is inspired to see you achieve your goals, he adapts to your needs and availability by setting your sessions on your preferred days, times and places (office, fitness center, outdoors, etc.)


All your exercises are completely overseen by your Personal Trainer who is totally focused on you during your workout.

To avoid any injuries, your training programs are adapted to your physical ability and to your “health” limitations. Their intensity will be adjusted according to your level and your progress.


Prevention and physical activity are the future solutions for good health and their benefits are attainable. However, specific implementation and usage is required in order to realize these benefits, that is why OneCoach4U ensures continuous training to its Personal Trainers so that they can meet your demands and expectations and also offer innovative coaching sessions. Our Personal Trainers were selected on their knowledge and training techniques, their motivation and their sincerity.


To provide more value to your workouts, OneCoach4U can perform a nutritional analysis to identify your needs for a healthy diet. As sport and nutrition are two complementary components, it is important to treat them in synergy to ensure the best results in keeping with your goals.


You can achieve the best possible results working with OneCoach4U! Your Personal Trainer will do everything to ensure that your training takes place in optimal conditions (i.e. planning and regular workouts, material, etc.) and that you reach your goals within the prescribed timeframe. To do this, our Personal Trainer will continuously select, adapt and correct each of your exercises. They will also ensure the safe execution of all your movements to encourage you.