A company for your health and well-being

A new era has been opened in wellness and sports coaching: no more boring machines, bulky weights, awkward exercises and numerous lost hours for results below your expectations!

OneCoach4U Ltd is a Luxembourgish company whose main objectives are focused on sport coaching, nutrition and wellbeing.

OneCoach4U has been created to meet the growing demand of individuals, enterprises and groups who want to invest their time in the improvement or development of health and wellness.

We offer the latest innovative and targeted training methods (CrossFit, Pilates, stretching, functional or dynamic muscular strengthening training, etc.), along with nutritional follow-up that is tailored to your specific needs and wellness tools that give you a complete fitness approach.

Our team consists of experienced and motivated people who are certified in Physical Education, and actively participate in running, cycling, basketball, fitness, triathlons, climbing and swimming.

Our team believes in maintaining a positive attitude while keeping their focus on service.

Our services are tailored to all levels of capability and situations; professionals or amateurs, individuals, enterprises or groups looking for wellness activities.

Because of our coach’s qualifications their sessions can also be used as therapeutic support in interactions with health professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths, etc. Our goal is to create customized sessions and advice that meets YOUR needs.

You don’t need to go anywhere…

…Sport comes to you!

Not enough time to get to the location of the coaching sessions? OneCoach4U’s team proposes the option to have us come to you! In either one-to-one sessions or in small groups at any time of the day, we can travel to you and offer an easy and effective alternative.

OneCoach4U Philosophy

Through the intermediary of this site, we would like to raise your awareness of the concept of “well-being” in your everyday life. Your well-being is derived from a relational system in which everything is interdependent (a mutual dependence): family, work, finance and health.

Your well-being depends equally on family, work, finance and health.

The four determining, independent factors for health are:

– nutrition;
– physical exercise;
– stress;
– lifestyle: the family and professional situation, habitat, hygiene, sleep, as well as the relationship with alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

 So, for example, the number of hours of sleep has an influence on stress, which has repercussions in work, family life and how one is nourished.

As health professionals, our role is to be able to offer to everyone a “tailor-made” solution which will contribute to the enhancement of your well-being. At the same time, the intention is to ensure enjoyment in the individual, paired or group sessions.

However, it is important to be aware that health and well-being are personal matters. This is where our team can help and support you in order to achieve your objective while being assured of your motivation. (A change can only come from you, following on from doubts and questions).

Giving up smoking, changing one’s diet, etc., can take time and effort and can be demanding, since it is not that simple to give up established habits just like that. If your health, your relations, or your professional situation are a concern, try to distinguish within yourself what you can do to interrupt the process and allow us to help you to achieve your objective.

Changing means taking the lead role in one’s own life.

 In the same way as the factors influencing well-being detailed above, the human body is the most elaborate and perfect model of interdependence that we could wish for as an inspiration, because:

– The human body functions as a overall entity: there are no boundaries between its different parts. Information passes from the feet to the head, from the head to the feet, from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Information and its circulation are vital for the organism.

–      The human body is a model of solidarity: the slightest movement is a phenomenal example of teamwork, where each joint, each muscle, each ligament, and each tendon needs to perform its role in tandem with the others.

–      The human body is programmed to survive at all costs: it is not an enemy sending pain messages just for the mischief of causing the hurt. If it cannot manage to take on a high level of tension, if it is not ready for a given exercise, it can call upon certain signals to convey to our consciousness that it is experiencing an uncomfortable situation. The most basic of these signals is pain. The difference between slight pain and an intolerable agony, or even the inability to move an arm, may be derived from an infinitesimal variance in pressure on a nerve root.

–      The body is both very robust and very sensitive: if a correction is made, even a very small one, it responds immediately and usually with increased mobility.

–      The more tension is introduced, the more it is distributed to other structures, the harder it is to trace its initial cause.

–      It is not so much the external factors that condition well-being as individual capacity for adaptation: an exercise is never good or bad in itself, everything depends on the person who is doing it.

–      The human body registers all its physical experiences: each fall, each false movement, is recorded by the nervous system, muscles, tendons and ligaments. No impact, no accident, and no stress remains without its effect. From the earliest, this acquired experience constructs a history, a “physiological subconscious”, a stock of data and references that enables the body to have two essential modes of functioning:

  • on the one hand, to programme automatic reflex responses, such as, for example, adapting to the force of gravity, walking, running and performing the movements of everyday life with a minimum of effort and stress;
  • on the other hand, reacting as efficiently, as quickly and harmoniously as possible to new situations.

We hope that these few paragraphs may have aroused your curiosity, and an ambition to be better and have convinced you of the importance of the external and internal interdependencies of your body.