20% of Alter Domus Employees Join OneCoach4U Wellness Program

Many of you know about our individual or group coaching sessions. But you may not know that OneCoach4U also provides wellness/training programs for businesses. Currently, we’re working with several local businesses to train teams for the ING Marathon and conduct ongoing wellness/exercise programs for employees.

In a recent issue of the American Chamber of Commerce magazine, Dimitri Davreux, Group Head of Human Resources at the fund management company Alter Domus, gave an interview that describes the wellness program run by OneCoach4U. He talked about how one in every five employees are participating and that the response has been even better and more enthusiastic than he expected.

Read the entire interview now.

With over 100 employees involved, we’ve designed a segmented program to help each of them reach their personal goals. They’ve also formed a group to participate in the ING marathon, and we’re getting them in prime shape.

The Alter Domus program focuses on complete “wellness,” including exercise, nutrition and stress reduction. As Mr. Davreux said, “when you feel well, you probably perform better as well.” Leading by example, he is part of the group training for the ING Maration.

For more information about OneCoach4U exercise and wellness programs for businesses, please contact us.